Friday, January 24, 2014
DOOM Retro v1.1 Release Notes

The source code is no longer distributed with DOOM Retro itself, and has instead been made separately available in a GitHub repository. Please visit this site to follow the latest daily developments, and report any issues that you may encounter.

The correct and complete version information is now displayed when right-clicking on doomretro.exe and selecting “Properties”.

The –FILE command-line parameter may no longer be used with DOOM Shareware’s WAD file, DOOM1.WAD.

If a default.cfg file is present in the game folder, it will now be used in preference to the default.cfg saved in AppData\Local\DOOM RETRO for the current Windows user.

While still maintaining backwards compatibility, the values that may be specified in the default.cfg file are now much more readable, and easier to edit manually. Click here for an example.

Gamepad controls can now be customized by editing the default.cfg file.

A bug has been fixed whereby the game wouldn’t be rendered correctly for displays with an aspect ratio less than 4:3 (that is, displays that aren’t widescreen).

In fullscreen mode on a widescreen display, increasing the screen size with the + key to the maximum will now show a widescreen mode without the status bar, and without any of the horizontal stretching prevalent in many other source ports. DOOM Retro will revert to the standard 4:3 aspect ratio when on the title, intermission, finale and help screens.

The new widescreen mode enlarges the player’s view by 120% while maintaining its aspect ratio.

A bug has been fixed whereby parts of MAP01: Entryway and MAP02: Underhalls in DOOM II: Hell On Earth would become corrupted when using older versions of DOOM2.WAD. Two barrels and a Shotgun Guy were missing from MAP02 as well. (Credit goes to Jon Krazov for his assistance.)

For a majority of translucent or partially translucent objects, their translucency is now calculated using additive blending rather than alpha blending, resulting in them appearing considerably brighter.

Additive blending results in translucent objects that are much brighter than in DOOM Retro v1.0.

The blue lights in tall and short techno floor lamps (MT_MISC29 and MT_MISC30) are now translucent.

The red and green lights in all switches, as well as the exit signs and many computer terminals that appear in most levels are now consistently bright regardless of the surrounding light levels, and the distance from the player (that is, they are “fullbright”).

Some minor cosmetic changes have been made to the status bar.

The corpses of Cyberdemons are no longer flipped horizontally at random.

When the player ends a level by flicking a switch, that switch will now turn on before the screen is wiped.

If the player has both the invulnerability and the light amplification visor power-ups, and the invulnerability power-up runs out first, the screen will now flash correctly between the inverted grayscale palette and the “fullbright” palette.

If the player has both a chainsaw and a berserk power-up, pressing the 1 key will now directly switch to either the chainsaw or the fist, depending on which weapon was selected last, rather than always switching to the chainsaw. This selection is also remembered when saving a game.

If the SHIFT key is held down when the CAPSLOCK key is on (or vice-versa), the player will walk instead of run, as originally intended.

Monsters can no longer pass through tall level decorations.

A bug has been fixed whereby it took approximately twice as many rockets to kill the boss in MAP30: Icon Of Sin at the end of DOOM II: Hell On Earth.

Like what can be done at the end of DOOM 64, each monster can now be rotated using the and cursor keys during the cast sequence in DOOM II.

The Lost Soul in the cast sequence in DOOM II is now partially translucent.

The explosions when the Lost Soul and the Pain Elemental die in the cast sequence in DOOM II are now translucent.

A bug has been fixed whereby the cast sequence in DOOM II could not be advanced by pressing the CTRL key.

The help screen has been updated to include the new controls for the keyboard, mouse and gamepad, and fixing several inconsistencies. (Credit goes to Robin “FrightNight” Reisinger for his assistance.)

The text on the help screen now has drop shadows.

The help screen’s background is now a low resolution snapshot of the game screen with a dark blue tint.

The controls for selecting the plasma rifle and BFG 9000 are no longer present on the help screen in DOOM Shareware.

When using a PWAD, screenshot filenames will now be of the format ExMy.bmp or MAPxx.bmp rather than incorrectly use the name of the map this map replaces in the main IWAD.

When a screenshot is taken using the PRINTSCREEN key, any messages are now cleared from the top of the screen first.

A bug has been fixed whereby if a game is saved while a platform is moving, it could potentially cause the game to crash when that savegame is loaded.

When using the IDCLEVxy cheat, keycards and skull keys are no longer removed from the status bar before the screen is wiped.

The correct message is now displayed when entering the IDKFA cheat.