Saturday, March 1, 2014
DOOM Retro v1.2.1 Release Notes

DOOM Retro is now compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop.

DOOM Retro is now distributed with version 1.2.14 of SDL.dll and version 1.2.12 of SDL_mixer.dll.

doomretro.exe now has a new icon.

If no IWAD file is specified using the –IWAD command-line parameter, a standard Windows dialog box entitled “Where’s All the Data?” will now appear where one IWAD, and optionally one or more PWADs, can be selected.

This is the same as entering DOOMRETRO –IWAD DOOM2.WAD –FILE NERVE.WAD on the command-line.

DOOM Retro is now considerably more stable. The game will no longer crash when a Spectre is on the screen in some instances.

Many internal optimizations have been made.

A bug has been fixed that was present in Vanilla DOOM whereby bullets would pass through monsters in some instances.

Much greater mouse sensitivity can now be selected in the options menu.

Minor visual tweaks have been made to the status bar.

The game will no longer switch to widescreen mode in the options menu if the screen slider is moved all the way to the right and no game is being played.

The + and keys, as well as moving left and right on a gamepad, can no longer be used to toggle messages on and off in the options menu.

When default.cfg is created for the first time, the keyboard control variables will now be saved as their actual character values rather than their scan codes.

Blood splats are now left on the ground wherever blood falls. (They may be disabled by setting bloodsplats to false in default.cfg.)

Blood splats now make the player’s carnage all the more gruesome.

The fuzz effect of Spectres now looks better while the game is paused or a menu is displayed.

A bug has been fixed whereby the chainsaw could not be selected by the player unless they also had a berserk power-up.

The screen will now be wiped at the same speed in widescreen mode.

If a value is out of range in default.cfg, the default for that value will be used rather than the closest valid value.

The usegamma value is now checked that it is in range when the game starts.

When the player stands where there is a change in height (either on the floor or ceiling), that edge is now drawn more accurately.

When in a confined area, Pain Elementals no longer try to spawn Lost Souls in the wrong places only for them to explode straight away.

When Lost Souls are killed, they now explode on the spot, rather than their explosion sometimes drifting upwards.

When Pain Elementals are killed, their explosion is now centered better.

A bug has been fixed whereby messages weren't always being cleared before taking a screenshot.

The state of flickering lights, active switches and moving platforms are now saved in savegames. This means that savegames from previous versions of DOOM Retro will no longer work.

When a monster is killed, there is a better chance of its corpse being mirrored horizontally if the corpse of the last monster to be killed wasn't mirrored.

When more than one monster is killed at exactly the same time, there is now a chance that they will fall randomly out of sync.

Settings are now saved to default.cfg the moment they change, rather than when quitting the game, so if the game crashes or exits with an error, those settings will be restored.

The player’s weapon now isn’t as distorted at reduced screen sizes.

A bug has been fixed whereby the muzzle of the super shotgun was translucent in some instances.

33% alpha translucency rather additive translucency is now used for the SoulSphere, MegaSphere, Invincibility and Partial Invisibility power-ups.

The + and keys can no longer be used while the help screen is displayed.

In those levels that require one or more monsters to be killed for a sector to move to complete the level, if the –NOMONSTERS command-line parameter is specified, those sectors will now automatically move.

Replicating what happens in Heretic and Hexen, the remaining monsters in the level will turn on each other once the player has been killed. The player will face their killer when they die, but unlike those games, their view won’t continue to follow their killer around.

A bug has been fixed whereby DOOM’s episode menu would be displayed when pressing the ESC key on DOOM II’s skill level menu.

The IDCHOPPERS cheat will now be cancelled (by removing the invulnerability power-up and the chainsaw) when the player switches to or picks up a weapon other than the chainsaw.

Many monsters are now positioned and animate better in DOOM II’s cast sequence.

Monsters now can’t be rotated in the cast sequence until they are actually on the screen.

Z-coordinates are now taken into account when telefragging.

Arch-viles no longer resurrect monsters such that they become stuck in other monsters, or under doors.

A bug has been fixed whereby the game may crash when an Arch-vile resurrects a monster after a savegame has been loaded.

The boss in MAP30: Icon Of Sin at the end of DOOM II: Hell On Earth will now still make its alert sound when the level starts if –NOMONSTERS is specified on the command-line.

A “rotate mode” is now available in the automap. Toggled on and off using the R key, it will dynamically orientate the level such that the player is always pointing towards the top of the screen. Rotate mode is off by default, and whether it is on or off is remembered between games.

With rotate mode on and the IDDT cheat, try playing entirely within the automap.

Only one instance of doomretro.exe can be run at a time.

The player arrow in the automap will now be translucent while the player has a partial invisibility power-up.

In DOOM II (BFG Edition), since TITLEPIC isn’t present in the IWAD, the otherwise unused DMENUPIC is now used instead of INTERPIC.

DMENUPIC is left over from the XBLA ports of DOOM and DOOM II.