Tuesday, April 1, 2014
DOOM Retro v1.3 Release Notes

An extensive number of optimizations have been made that improve the overall performance of DOOM Retro.

A heads-up display (HUD) is now shown in widescreen mode.

DOOM Retro’s new widescreen HUD has been kept as minimal as possible.

Each element of the HUD is slightly translucent.

An additional press of the + key, or move of the “SCREEN SIZE” slider to the right in the options menu, will hide the HUD.

The HUD isn’t displayed while the player is dead.

If the player has the berserk power-up, and has his fist selected, the berserk power-up will replace the medikit in the HUD.

The keys that the player has picked up are displayed in the order they were found, from right to left.

If the player attempts to open a door they don’t have the key for, that key will flash in the HUD.

If the player has no armor, the keys are displayed along the right side of the screen.

The type of armor the player has (either green or blue armor) is displayed.

The background is now blurred when in a menu or the game is paused. This effect may be disabled by changing the menublur setting in default.cfg to false.

Applying a blur effect with a palette of only 256 colors gives interesting, mottled results.

The green blood of Hell Knights and Barons of Hell is now slightly darker.

A bug has been fixed that existed in Vanilla DOOM that caused monsters to be able to see the player through walls, or not see the player when they should have, in some instances. Thank you to 倉敷楠花 (Nanka Kurashiki) for bringing this to my attention.

The PRINTSCRN key and ALT + ENTER have been added to the help screen.

The “HELP” title has been added to the help screen in DOOM II to be consistent with the other versions of DOOM.

The player’s weapon is no longer displayed in the help screen’s background.

Switching between widescreen and non-widescreen modes is now much cleaner. The status bar will no longer briefly appear at the bottom of the screen.

Several bugs have been fixed whereby some IWADs and PWADs would sometimes fail to load from the WAD launcher.

If the selection made in the WAD launcher is incorrect, it will reopen rather than exit with an error.

By popular demand, default.cfg is now saved in the same folder as doomretro.exe. To make it clear where the settings are, a copy of default.cfg is now included in the distribution.

The settings in default.cfg are now sorted alphabetically.

DOOM Retro is now less likely to crash if certain settings in default.cfg are set incorrectly.

The bloodsplats setting in default.cfg is now a number rather than true or false, and is 1024 by default.

A bug has been fixed whereby over 700 different level-specific fixes (replacing missing or incorrect textures, moving stuck objects, etc.) weren’t being applied.

Tweaks have been made to the animations of Zombiemen, Shotgun Guys and Mancubi.

Screenshots are now saved as a 256-color Windows BMP, reducing their size in kilobytes by more than 66%.

Pillarboxes are no longer saved in screenshots.

The PRINTSCRN key now no longer saves the screen to the clipboard when taking a screenshot.

Rotation in the automap is now more accurate.

A bug has been fixed whereby the crosshair could still decelerate from panning while the menu was displayed.

The red crosses in stimpacks are now darker to be consistent with medikits.

If a sprite is replaced with a custom sprite in a PWAD, any translucency will be removed and custom offsets won’t be applied.

The width of pickups are now calculated differently such that they are less likely to be suspended in midair when close to a change in height.

The TEKWALL1 texture (for example, as used on the green armor platform in E1M1: Hangar) is now displayed the same way as in Vanilla DOOM.

Windows accessibility shortcut keys are disabled during the game.

The WINDOWS key is now also disabled when in a window.

The pistol sound is now used when toggling messages in the options menu using the and cursor keys.

Changes have been made to how mouse sensitivity is calculated such that it is now exactly the same as Chocolate DOOM.

The default mouse sensitivity has been increased.

Blood splats no longer appear on RROCK0x animated flats.

A bug has been fixed whereby if the “reject matrix” in a PWAD is empty, it will create an overflow and cause monsters to behave strangely. Thank you to jeff-d on the Doomworld forums for providing a solution to this.

The berserk power-up may now be toggled off using IDBEHOLDS cheat.

A bug has been fixed whereby the Lost Soul wouldn’t rotate correctly in DOOM II’s cast sequence.

Translucency may be disabled by setting translucency setting in default.cfg to false.

The fuzz effect is now applied to the muzzle flash of the player’s weapon when they have the partial invisibility power-up.

A bug has been fixed whereby some floors weren’t rising or lowering when they should. Thank you to Jon Krazov for bringing this to my attention.

key_prevweapon and key_nextweapon will no longer work when in a menu.

Savegame descriptions are no longer updated to the current map’s name when the player saves a game if they have previously edited it.

The correct skill level is now saved in savegames.

The ENTER key on the numeric keypad can now be used wherever the main ENTER key can be used.

DMENUPIC is now used on the intermission screen in DOOM II (BFG Edition).

There are no longer any overlapping drop shadows in the menus.

Keys are now positioned correctly in the status bar.