Friday, April 25, 2014
DOOM Retro v1.4

DOOM Retro v1.4 is now available for your downloading pleasure! This version corrects a couple of nasty (and embarrassing) bugs, is much more well behaved with Vanilla DOOM mods, and introduces a few new features such as a low graphic detail mode, enhancements to the widescreen HUD, and most importantly: more blood. You may download DOOM Retro here.

The very start of all 36 maps in The Ultimate DOOM running in DOOM Retro.

Once again, many thanks to those on Twitter and the Doomworld forums for providing their support. Your help truly makes this hobby/obsession of mine all the more worthwhile. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or bug reports to give, please feel free to participate. As always, you may follow @doomretro on Twitter, leave a comment on the DOOM Retro thread on the forums, leave a comment on this post, help out with the DOOM RETRO Wiki or raise an issue on the GitHub repository. And if you’d like to earn my undying, unconditional love(!), please consider giving a donation through PayPal by clicking on that ever so enticing button to the right. C’mon. You know you wanna.