Tuesday, April 29, 2014
DOOM Retro v1.4.1

DOOM Retro v1.4.1 has now been released. It may be downloaded here. This small point release fixes a rather nasty bug when adjusting the sound volume, and includes a few new additional changes. The release notes are as follows:

  • A bug has been fixed whereby the sound would become disabled if adjusting the volume through the menu or pausing and then unpausing the game.
  • The visplane limit has been removed, allowing for more detailed levels to run without crashing.
  • A sound will now be heard if a wrong selection is made in the WAD launcher and it needs to reopen.
  • When a Heavy Weapon Dude is killed, their corpse is no longer randomly mirrored.
  • Projectiles will now pass through map decorations like they do in Vanilla DOOM. (Please note that this particular change means savegames from previous versions of DOOM Retro won’t work with DOOM Retro v1.4.1.)
  • If music can’t be loaded for a particular map, that map will still load without music rather than the game exiting with an error.