Tuesday, February 3, 2015
DOOM Retro v1.6.7
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” by 倉敷楠花 (Nanka Kurashiki).

DOOM Retro v1.6.7 has been released and may be downloaded here. This is a small point release and the changes are as follows:

  • A bug has been fixed whereby DOOM Retro would crash at startup when trying to run in a screen resolution that wasn’t widescreen.
  • DOOM Retro will no longer crash after successive presses of ALT + ENTER to switch between fullscreen and windowed modes.
  • Ceilings that use liquid textures will now render correctly.
  • An error will now be displayed at startup if a WAD file contains DeePBSP or ZDBSP nodes.
  • The saturation setting in doomretro.cfg has been deprecated.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby the shadows of dropped items weren’t also being mirrored when the mirrorweapons setting was true in doomretro.cfg.
  • Weapons spawned at the start of a map are now also mirrored when the mirrorweapons setting was true in doomretro.cfg.
  • Thanks to some excellent coding from entryway and kb1, Vanilla DOOM’s “long wall error” has been fixed.
  • Further optimizations have been made to improve the overall performance and stability of DOOM RETRO.
  • Teleporters in Back to Saturn X are now drawn correctly in the automap before they have been triggered.
  • Whether the automap is active or not, and any automap marks, are now saved in savegames. (Note that this change breaks savegame compatibility with previous versions of DOOM Retro.)
  • A header comment has been added to the top of doomretro.cfg, with a note advising to “go to http://wiki.doomretro.com for information on changing these settings”.
  • The FPS counter displayed when –DEVPARM is specified on the command-line now won’t be hidden when taking a screenshot, and will continue to update when in a menu or the game is paused.
  • Diminished lighting from the player has been enhanced.
  • Bloodsplats are now only spawned at the same height as corpses as they slide.