Monday, April 20, 2015
DOOM Retro v1.7 Release Notes

DOOM Retro now uses SDL 2.0.3 for its graphics and audio. This brings significant performance improvements, as the screen is now scaled using hardware acceleration when possible, as well as the following features:

  • The monitor to display the game on can now be specified.
  • Vsync can now be toggled on/off.

DOOM Retro now includes a console. It may be opened at any time by pressing the ~ key.

DOOM Retro now has uncapped framerates, and through use of interpolation, player, monster and sector movement is much smoother.

Several memory leaks have been fixed, making DOOM Retro more stable.

A bug has been fixed whereby if a PWAD was selected in the WAD launcher that didn’t contain any map data, DOOM Retro would give up and not look at the other PWADs selected.

If none of the PWADs selected in the WAD launcher contain any map data, and no IWAD is selected, DOOM2.WAD will try to be loaded.

Many performance optimizations have been made to the rendering of blood splats and shadows.

The following changes have been made to animated liquid sectors:

  • They are all slightly higher.
  • The edge where two adjacent liquid sectors at different heights meet is now rendered correctly.
  • The player will now move smoothly when ascending from one liquid sector to a higher one.
  • No sounds are made when they move up or down.

A bug has been fixed whereby if more than one flight of stairs was meant to be triggered at the same time, only one would be.

The gaps around “1” digits in the HUD have been removed.

A bug has been fixed whereby the game could crash when rendering Spectres in some instances.

Underscores now appear under the message displayed when entering the IDBEHOLD cheat.

The map title will now be displayed correctly in the automap if a PWAD is loaded using ZDL.

Corrupt savegames will no be created if saving a game while a button is active.

Blood splats and shadows will no longer appear on sectors without floors.

The blood splats produced when the corpses of Barons of Hell and Hell Knights are crushed under a lowering sector are now the correct color.

The player’s weapon is no longer off to the right by 1 pixel in some instances.

The bottom righthand corner of the view border is now rendered correctly.

The message that is displayed when DOOM Retro is run for the first time now includes a button that opens the DOOM Retro Wiki in the default browser.

The cursor keys will no longer make a sound when pressed on the help screen.

A bug has been fixed whereby decorative corpses wouldn’t smear blood when sliding in some instances.

Smoke trails are now displayed for Cyberdemon rockets as originally intended.

The “always run” setting is now remembered between games as originally intended.

If you load a savegame that had monsters but now the –NOMONSTERS command-line parameter is enabled, the correct percentage of monsters you actually did kill now appears in the intermission.

A bug has been fixed whereby DOOM Retro would crash when trying to save a game in Final DOOM if the savegame description was changed to anything other than a map name.

Additional blood splats spawned under decorative corpses when a map is started now won't be randomly shifted away from the corpse if the corpse is hanging from the ceiling.

Several improvements have been made to DOOM Retro’s support of DeHackEd lumps and files.

Now BEX files as well as DEH files, with the same name and in the same folder as the PWAD selected in the WAD launcher, will now be automatically loaded.

DEH files are no longer automatically loaded if a PWAD is loaded from the command-line. They will need to be explicitly loaded using the –DEH command-line parameter.

A bug has been fixed whereby some teleporters in Back To Saturn X were animating as if they were liquid.

The position of the player arrow is now drawn much more accurately when in the automap and rotate mode is on.

The automap will no longer disappear, nor the game crash, when zooming out in very large maps.

Translucency is now applied to MegaSpheres as originally intended.