Monday, April 20, 2015
DOOM Retro v1.7

After almost 3 months of some pretty solid development, I'm proud to finally announce the availability of DOOM Retro v1.7. This is a major release, and contains many differences to prior versions, the most significant of which are:

SDL2 Support

DOOM Retro now uses SDL 2.0.3 for its graphics and audio. This brings significant performance improvements, as the screen is now scaled using hardware acceleration.

DOOM Retro’s console allows much greater control over customizing the game.

The Console

DOOM Retro now includes a console. It may be opened at any time by pressing the ~ key. The DOOM Retro Wiki will be updated in the coming days with instructions on the many different commands and variables that can be entered in the console, but in the meantime, try cmdlist and cvarlist.

Uncapped Framerates

DOOM Retro now has uncapped framerates, and through the use of interpolation, player, monster and sector movement is now much smoother, resembling the feel of more modern shooters. (Of course, you can always cap the framerate back to 35 FPS by changing the vid_capfps cvar in the console.)

You may download DOOM Retro v1.7 for free here, and browse its ridiculously exhaustive release notes here.

I would like to thank AnotherLife, Jon Krazov and Jeff Doggett for providing so many bug reports and suggestions over the past few weeks, AlexMax for his uncapped framerate code, Fabian Greffrath for his SDL2 code, and everybody else for their continued support. DOOM Retro has come a long way since its release on December 10, 2013, and although it may not be to everybody’s liking, it truly is my ideal version of DOOM. As always, if you have any suggestions, feedback, or bug reports, I encourage you to participate. You may follow @doomretro on Twitter, leave a comment on the DOOM Retro thread on the forums, leave a comment on this post, or raise an issue on the GitHub repository. And only if you want to, please consider giving a donation through PayPal by clicking on that button to the right.