Sunday, March 26, 2017
DOOM Retro v2.4.3

DOOM Retro v2.4.3 is now available. It may be downloaded here, and its release notes are as follows:

  • Optimizations have been made to further improve the overall performance and stability of DOOM Retro.
  • The ENTER key may now be used as an alternative to the Y key when responding to messages requiring a yes/no answer.
  • When the player dies, the amount of health displayed in the widescreen HUD will no longer always be zero. It will instead often be a negative number to indicate how much damage was inflicted upon the player in order to kill them.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby the ammo and armor CVARs could be set to negative values and cause a crash.
  • Animated decorations will no longer shift back and forth in the final release of Back To Saturn X E1: Get Out Of My Stations or if the Minor Sprite Fixing Project v1.8 is loaded.
  • The message displayed when the player tries to open a locked door when they don’t have the required key now always distinguishes between keycards and skull keys.
  • An r_messagescale CVAR has been implemented to allow the scale of messages to be changed between big and small. It is big by default.
  • The messages displayed in the alternate widescreen HUD now use the same font that is used in the console.
  • The player’s path in the automap is now disabled when vanilla mode is enabled.
  • An additional 300 map-specific fixes, enabled using the r_fixmaperrors CVAR, have been applied to maps in both doom.wad and doom2.wad.
  • The following bugs from Vanilla DOOM have been fixed:
    • Missiles no longer explode when impacting with the sky in some instances.
    • Lost souls will no longer slowly drift backwards when attacked while charging.
    • Lost souls will no longer forget their target immediately after attacking them.
  • When using the kill CCMD to kill all monsters, all missiles fired by those monsters will now explode at the same time. Also, a missiles parameter may now be used to only explode the missiles.
  • ccmdlist can now be used as an alternative to the cmdlist CCMD, and explode as an alternative to the kill CCMD.
  • The idclev cheat may now be used in the console while no map is loaded.
  • The maximum value the r_screensize CVAR can be set to is now 7 rather than 8. Setting the CVAR to 8 previously had no effect.
  • The player can no longer trigger secrets when in freeze mode.