Tuesday, October 1, 2019
DOOM Retro v3.0.4

DOOM Retro v3.0.4 is now available, in 32-bit and 64-bit varieties. Its release notes are as follows:

  • Optimizations have been made to further improve the overall performance and stability of DOOM Retro.
  • Minor changes have been made to the character set used in the console.
  • Minor changes have been made to text that is output to the console.
  • DOOM Retro will now automatically load SIGIL_v1_21.wad (or SIGIL_v1_2.wad) in preference to SIGIL.wad.
  • Timestamps in the console are now displayed in 12 rather than 24-hour format, and without a leading zero.
  • If the player saves a game, now that game will from then on be automatically saved at the start of each map. This feature can be disabled by the new autosave CVAR, which is on by default and off when vanilla mode is on.
  • The following changes have been made to the name CCMD:
    • Spaces are now allowed in the name, whether surrounded by double quotes or not.
    • Whether the monster being named already has been named will now be indicated.
    • The player can now also be named (which is effectively the same as changing the playername CVAR).
  • A bug has been fixed whereby enabling the am_path CVAR would cause DOOM Retro to crash.
  • The path of the player that appears in the automap when the am_path CVAR is on is now thicker.
  • Minor improvements have been made to the support of DEHACKED lumps.