Sunday, December 10, 2023
DOOM Retro v5.1

Today is DOOM’s 30th birthday! This also means it’s DOOM Retro’s 10th birthday! To celebrate this, DOOM Retro v5.1 is now available to download as either a 32 or 64-bit Windows app. Here’s a list of what’s changed since the last version:

  • DOOM Retro is now built using v17.8.3 of Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022.
  • DOOM Retro now uses SDL v2.28.5 and SDL_image v2.8.0.
  • Support has been added for John Romero’s newly released SIGIL II.
  • Several changes have been made to text that is output to the console.
  • The automap is now also shown in low detail when the r_detail CVAR is low.
  • A bug is fixed whereby the effects of changing a color CVAR for the automap wouldn’t be immediate.
  • Explosions from rockets fired by the player and cyberdemons are now randomly mirrored.
  • These changes have been made when vanilla mode is enabled:
    • Extra blood is no longer spawned when a monster is injured.
    • Blood and bullet puffs are no longer randomly mirrored.
  • Monsters now only become non-solid at the end of their death sequence rather than at the start.
  • When the r_shadows CVAR is on, if a monster is fullbright when they attack, the shadow they cast now momentarily becomes slightly lighter.
  • The player’s crosshair now displays correctly when the crosshair CVAR is cross and the r_hud_translucency CVAR is off.
  • Minor improvements have been made to the parsing of DEHACKED, MAPINFO, MUSINFO and BRGHTMPS lumps.
  • The -dog parameter, as well as -dogs 1 to -dogs 8, can now be used on the command-line to spawn one or more MBF-compatible helper dogs at the start of the game. Those dogs that survive each map will then follow the player into the next.
  • These changes have been made when pressing the TAB key to autocomplete text in the console:
    • The case of the autocompleted text now always matches the text that’s already been entered.
    • Any text to the left of a semi-colon is no longer cleared.
  • The border of the menu’s background is no longer displayed if the vid_fullscreen CVAR is off and the vid_widescreen CVAR is on.
  • The spin of the player’s view in the menu’s background can now be disabled by changing the new menuspin CVAR, which is on by default.
  • The help screen can now be shown when the menu is open by pressing the F1 key.
  • The window’s caption now includes the current episode or expansion when playing a game.
  • DOOM Retro no longer remains paused once its window regains focus.
  • A bug is fixed whereby the main window would lose focus and the splash screen would be corrupted if an external automap was successfully created at startup because the am_external CVAR was on.
  • When the animatedstats CVAR is on:
    • The player’s health now animates correctly if they are telefragged.
    • The player’s health, armor and ammo now animate correctly when loading a savegame.
  • A bug is fixed whereby numbers in the alternate widescreen HUD could be positioned incorrectly in some rare instances.
  • Minor improvements have been made to the support of Chex Quest, Chex Quest 2, Harmony Compatible and REKKR.
  • A bug is fixed whereby monsters would respawn only once when playing on Nightmare! or if the respawnmonsters CCMD was used.
  • The “Map explored” stat displayed by the playerstats CCMD is now accurate.
  • The mapstats CCMD now shows the number of voodoo dolls in the current map.
  • The play CCMD now also accepts a music title as its value, such as atdoomsgate or runningfromevil.
  • A bug is fixed whereby screenshots taken by pressing the PRINTSCREEN key would become corrupted in some rare instances.
  • Actions may now be bound to the numeric keypad using the bind CCMD with a value numpad0 to numpad9.