Friday, January 5, 2024
DOOM Retro v5.2

DOOM Retro v5.2 is now available to download as either a 32 or 64-bit Windows app. Here’s a list of what’s changed since the last version:

  • DOOM Retro now uses SDL_image v2.8.2.
  • Minor optimizations have been made to further improve the overall performance and stability of DOOM Retro.
  • Minor changes have been made to text that is output to the console.
  • If the player dies, their obituary is now displayed in the console in red when the con_obituaries CVAR is on, and also as a player message when the messages CVAR is on.
  • A bug is fixed whereby Buckethead’s music wouldn’t be autoloaded when SIGIL_SHREDS.WAD was present.
  • The z-coordinate displayed by the IDMYPOS cheat is now correct when the automap is open and the am_followmode CVAR is off.
  • These improvements have been made to the support for John Romero’s SIGIL II:
    • A warning is now displayed in the console when attempting to load SIGIL II extracted from the official DOOM port. Please download SIGIL II from here instead.
    • Par times are now displayed on the intermission screen.
    • The correct intermission music is now played when both SIGIL and SIGIL II are loaded.
    • The IDMUS cheat can now be used to change to SIGIL II’s music if it is available.
  • Right-clicking the mouse in the menu now hides the mouse pointer if the m_pointer CVAR is on.
  • Minor improvements have been made to the help screen opened by pressing the F1 key.
  • A bug is fixed whereby the width of monsters was being miscalculated in some rare instances, which in turn could cause nearby line specials not to trigger as intended.
  • These improvements have been made to the parsing of DEHACKED lumps:
    • All things declared now have their sprites clipped in liquid sectors if the r_liquid_clipsprites CVAR is on.
    • All monsters declared now cast a shadow if the r_shadows CVAR is on.
    • If a name is specified in parentheses when declaring a thing, it is now used in obituaries when the con_obituaries CVAR is on.
    • The smoke that trails rockets fired by cyberdemons when the r_rockettrails CVAR is on is no longer spawned if certain states or sprites have been changed.
  • The mapstats CCMD now correctly indicates if a map is BOOM, MBF or MBF21 compatible.
  • Improvements have been made to the console’s background.
  • If map titles are obtained from a MAPINFO lump:
    • The maplist CCMD now lists them correctly.
    • When exiting a map and the autosave CVAR is on, the description of the current savegame is now updated with the title of the next map.
  • The .wad file extension no longer needs to be included when using the -iwad or -file command-line parameters.
  • The weapon CVAR can no longer be changed while the player is dead.
  • Helper dogs spawned using the spawn CCMD in the console are now friendly by default. Use spawn unfriendly dog to spawn a dog that will attack the player.
  • The player may now use the term unfriendly to refer to monsters that will attack the player when entering the kill, name, resurrect and spawn CCMDs in the console.
  • Using the kill CCMD with a value specifying a type of monster no longer thrusts those monsters away from the player.
  • A bug is fixed whereby midtextures weren’t being clipped in some rare instances.
  • The thinglist CCMD now displays the angle and flags of every thing in the current map.
  • Opening the console while entering a savegame description in the save game menu now works correctly.
  • When deleting a savegame in the save or load game menus using the DEL key, the closest remaining savegame in the menu is now selected.
  • A crash no longer occurs if a map’s title needs to be truncated in the automap.