Friday, September 8, 2017
DOOM Retro v2.5.5

Hey marine! DOOM Retro does a few things differently to other DOOM source ports, and is intentionally minimalist in its design. Please visit the DOOM Retro Wiki for details.

DOOM Retro v2.5.5 is now available. It may be downloaded here, and its release notes are as follows:

  • Optimizations have been made to further improve the overall performance and stability of DOOM Retro.
  • Some stray dark pixels have been removed from the top of the super shotgun’s muzzle when firing.
  • The shadows of crushed monsters are now positioned correctly. This changes the format of savegames, breaking compatibility with previous versions of DOOM Retro.
  • The correct names are now shown for MAP31, MAP32 and MAP33 of DOOM II: Hell On Earth (BFG Edition).
  • A bug has been fixed whereby a ceiling could move through a floor, or vice versa, in some rare instances.
  • The intermission screen will no longer wrongly indicate that the player is about to enter the next map when having exited the final map.
  • Cacodemons and lost souls will no longer drift upwards after being shot at.
  • Monsters will no longer be pushed under the floor if shot at while being crushed by a lowering ceiling.
  • Further improvements have been made to lowering the player’s view in liquid sectors when the r_liquid_lowerview CVAR is on.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby the slight current enabled using the r_liquid_current CVAR wasn’t being applied to some liquid sectors.