Tuesday, April 1, 2014
DOOM Retro v1.3

After one month of some insanely rigorous coding, I’m proud to present DOOM Retro v1.3! This release continues to improve on the game’s stability and performance, fixes several bugs, and introduces a new widescreen HUD! Check out the long list of release notes for a full account on the changes. You may download DOOM Retro here.

Thank you to all those on Twitter and the Doomworld forums for providing their support. (A BIG “ありがとうございます” to 倉敷楠花 (Nanka Kurashiki) for allowing me to use an example of her freakin’ adorable fanart in this post.) I’m only just getting started with DOOM Retro, and if you have any suggestions, feedback, or bug reports, please feel free to participate. You may follow @doomretro on Twitter, leave a comment on the DOOM Retro thread on the forums, leave a comment on this post, help out with the DOOM Retro Wiki or raise an issue on the GitHub repository. And if you’d like to help out even more, please consider giving a donation through PayPal by clicking on that ever so enticing button to the right.